AKEA LIFE giving back in Liverpool

The Covid-19 Pandemic is as confusing for some as it is deadly. The different types of testing available, the interpretation of results, the different symptoms and sometimes the lack of them. At AKEA LIFE we have been working at the forefront of Covid Testing since day 1 trying to help make sense of everything and support as many people as we can. We started out in March offering our own patients the option to get tested (at a time when no community testing was available) and then more recently offering extensive testing options to a wide variety of corporate and organisational clients from the BBC, to the RFU and even major motion picture productions.

So on the 29th September we were able to give a little back to our local community by offering our services free of charge to the staff at two inner city Liverpool Schools. Working in partnership with the School headmaster to deliver a simple testing process that gave his staff some peace of mind when it came to covid-19. Having already had several members of staff and pupils off school since the beginning of September with the virus the school was keen to understand the current antibody prevalence in the team.

We used a well researched rapid antibody test that we have had since late April, which has been independently validated by Consultant Virologist Brendan Payne at Newcastle Hospital. These finger prick blood tests give you results in 10 minutes and can tell you if you have had the virus previously and to some extent if you have the virus currently (although the latter is far less accurate because of when our bodies produce the IG/M antibody in response to the virus)

After testing 88 members of staff we found 7 tests resulting IG/G (previous cases of covid-19) and 3 tests resulted in IG/M (which indicates possible recent/current infection)

Overall the staff had a prevalence of 8% of antibodies and 3.5% prevalence of current covid-19. Which given the location of the school is pretty average. The staff presenting with IG/M were advised to get a follow up PCR swab test.

The feedback from the staff at the school as fantastic and the more staff signed up that originally expected. Although people realise this information doesn’t give them any guarantees about their exposure to the virus or indeed their current risk, they valued the information and it gave some really peace of mind that they had had it previously, particularly as some were unable to get PCR swab tests in the first place.

Ben Paglia, CEO of AKEA Life, said “Providing this kind of service to schools, Colleges and Universities is key to our core strategy of supporting the public sector through providing specialist health services. It was wonderful to see the positive impact that this had on staff morale. It has been a difficult term in schools across the UK so it was a privilege to have such a positive impact on The Academy of St Francis of Assisi. They have a great staff culture at the school.”

The headteacher, Kevin Maddocks for ASFA, said: “The wellbeing of our staff is so important and I firmly believe that happy staff means happy students. The antibody testing was a simple but effective way of giving the team peace of mind and many were delighted to find out they didn’t have antibodies.”

“As we progress through this difficult time, we will continue to introduce new ways to support the mental health and wellbeing of our school community.”

This testing was donated to The Academy of St Francis of Assisi, Liverpool by AKEA LIFE.