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The medical team at AKEA LIFE have developed a safe and sustainable approach to weight loss that doesn`t involve surgery or fancy dieting. Our goal is to help people live longer healthier lives by losing weight, feeling better and doing more. Our weight loss system invloves a combination of weightloss medicines, diagnostic tests and expert advice to get people the best results possible.

Losing weight can lead to a healthier more active and enriching life, reducing the risks diabetes heart disease and many other long term diseases. 

So if you are ready to take that first step to sustainable weight loss read on to see what  BLUEZONE can do for you.

BLUEZONE is available to members and non-members of AKEA LIFE.



Using a revolutionary new approved medicine patients can achieve rapid weight loss with a simple once daily injection. The medicine itself helps improve insulin response in the body and suppress appetite. The results for this injection are staggering with patients achieving up to 13.2 lbs of weight loss in 3 weeks. Patients using the injection lost an average of 2.5 times more weight than diet and exercise alone.  Once you have been shown how to use the medicine by our team you will administer the injection yourself at home. Our medical team are readily available 7 days a week to answer any questions that patients may have. 
The BLUE ZONE approach also encourages patient education and nutrition planning to help people to maintain their weight loss after they have finished their course of saxenda. One of the many impressive benefits of the injection is that 8 out of 10 patients using it maintained their weight loss 12 months on. We encourage the use of metabolic rate testing and nutrition planing sessions with a dietician to make sure the weight you lose stays off for the future. So that patients maintain their calorie balance or deficit as best as possible. Our team of doctors, nurses and nutritionist can advise our patients on any aspect of healthy eating and nutrition. 
When used in the right patients this approved and fully licenced medicine has a very good side effect profile and unlike major surgery and other extreme diets wont impact your general day to day well being. Full details about the medicine and its side effects can be found here www.saxenda.com. You can also download the patient information leaflet here. The AKEA LIFE team will also be on hand throughout the process to educate and support patients who have any questions or concerns. 


  • Book a free consultation with our doctors 
  • If you are eligible for a prescription and want to proceed you simply pay online
  • We will book you a clinic appointment with our nurse 
  • After initial nurse session you receive your medicine
  • You will be invited back for a follow up session 4 weeks later 
  • Our doctors are only a phone call away during the process 


Please be advised that the treatment is only available for patients with a BMI above 25.

Prices for this TREATMENT

£ 200

2.5 week course (£150 for AKEA life members)

Pay online

£ 300

4 week course (£250 for AKEA LIFE Members)

Pay online

£ 550

8 week course (£500 for AKEA LIFE Members)

Pay online

£ 100

for personalised metabolic rate testing

£ 75

per month for personalised nutrition plan & ongoing support

Money refunded if patient has not lost 4lb minimum in 4 weeks of treatment.
Applies to new patients for first 4 weeks only.


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