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Trusted, local doctors. We take our recruitment process seriously and only take on the best clinical staff we can get.

All of our doctors:

  • Are UK trained and registered with the General Medical Council;
  • Have passed full background checks, interviews with our clinical lead and detailed training;
  • Continue to work within the NHS;
  • Receive ongoing clinical and educational support;
  • Work closely with us to improve and develop our service.

No. You will stay registered with your own GP, there are still certain services you will need an NHS GP for. We will work with your NHS doctors to ensure continuity of care and treatment.

Our doctors will write the prescriptions that you need, which can be used at any UK pharmacy. Unlike other providers we can prescribe for all conditions because we can ensure suitable examination. There is no additional charge for prescriptions on top of your membership.

Almost anything. Because we offer everything, from telephone to face to face consultations, backed up by a full health concierge team, we can resolve health problems and issues more completely than other alternative private providers.

Yes. We will never use temporary doctors at AKEA Life, and although our doctors won’t work everyday, you will be able to schedule appointments and consultations with the same doctor if you want to.

Our records are held securely and will only be shared with your NHS GP is you wish us to do so.

We use the best levels of data protection available to ensure your information is protected. We don’t share you records with anyone unless you request it. We can request information from your NHS GP should you wish us to do so.

Yes our concierge team and doctors can organise almost anything from a simple blood test to a whole body MRI. For a full list of other services see our website for prices and availability.

Yes we can refer you if appropriate to a specialist for consultations, treatments and diagnostics. Our health concierge team will ensure you are made aware of the best options available for what you need. We can provide some tests ourselves, for others we have a network of partners and relationships with the best providers in healthcare.

Your annual membership gets your all your doctor consultations, visits, prescriptions and referrals for anyone listed on your membership. Additional fees WILL be incurred for privately dispensed medicine conducted laboratory tests, diagnostic tests or medical examinations for insurance purposes. All clients will be informed of any additional costs before undertaking these services.

Yes absolutely – this is all covered in your membership. For business owners who want AKEA for business we also offer a range of health assessments and occupational health services for employees.

You should always call 999 if you feel seriously ill. Also part of our treatment approach is always to establish the best course of action, if we feel you need emergency care instead of an AKEA life doctor then we will advise you what to do next.

We have medical practictioners availabel in London, Birmingham, Merseyside, Manchester, W. Yorkshire, Cheshire and Lancashire.

Yes of course. Registered patients are required to pay monthly in advance. Full details of our membership fees are available in our membership page on our website. Patients who pay for a full year upfront also recieve an additional 2 months for free.



Mon-Fri 8am-10pm

Sat-Sun 9am-5pm

(Please note we will only
see/speak to registered patients.)


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