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Joining AKEA Life has benefits for everyone.
Not only do you get the high quality, timely care you and your family need it also means that we can give back as well.

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By joining AKEA Life and letting us manage your health you are freeing up valuable NHS GP appointments for others. As waiting times continue to rise each year people are struggling to get appointments that suit them leading to prolonged illness and sometimes ignoring serious health issues. AKEA Life patients in 2017 free up 9,000 GP appointments each year for other people to use.



Part of the work we do at AKEA life involves researching better and more efficient ways to practice medicine. We are currently using our innovative service to help the NHS improve Workload and Demand Management as well as better technologies and systems to aide earlier triage and potentially redesigning GP pathways in the future based on our care system. The team here have applied for the Emerging & Enabling Technologies Grant to help with this work and hope that by the middle of 2017 we will have the beginnings of some exciting data to help the NHS with its current challenges in general practice.



Each year AKEA Life is committed to raising money for charity at our various health and hospitality. This year we will be raising money for Cancer Research UK, the work Cancer Research UK does is helping improve cancer survival rates each year as well as improving cancer treatments and earlier diagnosis.


AKEA Perks

AKEA Life members will enjoy dozens of additional benefits beyond just the AKEA Life healthcare experience. Our members can enjoy discounts on great restaurants, the best rates at the top hotels, discounts on the best golf courses, spa treatments and much more. Our aim is to give you back to you even when you aren`t using our team directly. 


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