Terms & Conditions

BMP MEDICAL T/A AKEA LIFE and our members/patients agree to the following terms and conditions:


AKEA LIFE is a private General Practitioner and Medical Doctor practice offering a 7 day a week on-call GP service that includes telephone triage and face to face consultations. We can also offer chronic disease management, health checks, vaccinations. We can also arrange other treatments such as mental health services, physio, surgery, consultant consultations and much more. We offer a detailed and personalised approach to your health with no time constraints or limits on what can be discussed during our consultations. HOWEVER AKEA Life is NOT an emergency service and, for any condition that is a medical emergency, 999 should ALWAYS be called.


Members of AKEA LIFE sign up for a minimum of 12 months. Patients must register before they are able to access our full service, but we do not require them to de-register with their NHS GP. Your membership with us is inclusive of:

  1. All standard GP telephone calls
  2. All standard GP face to face vists
  3. Access to our Health concierge team to help you make the most of your health care experience. We can make recommendations for best hospitals, consultants and treatments for our patients.

Additional charges will be incurred for health requirements beyond this such as, managment of long term chronic disease such as diabetes, specialist consultant appointments, vaccinations, diagnostics, therapy and blood tests.


Members may cancel their registration with AKEA LIFE within 7 days of registration or at any time after 12 months by notifying us in writing. If a health check or visit has been received within that time there will be a cost of one months membership incurred. AKEA LIFE reserves the right to cancel a patients membership at any time. A patient/member is liable for the full value of their contract over 12 months once registration is complete. After 12 months patients will be given the option to cancel or sign up for another 12 months.


All children under 18 must be accompanied by and adult to be seen or spoken to by an AKEA doctor.


AKEA LIFE prides itself on its quality and convenience. We have set out to deliver the most timely and high quality of care possible. We will guarantee to be able to treat you the same day if:

a) You contact us before 2pm that day. Contact made later in the day may still result in same day treatment and visits, however we cannot fully guarantee it.

b) It is a health issue that our team should reasonably be able to treat.

AKEA Life classes treatment as:

a) Diagnosis of and prescription for a health issue

b) Diagnosis of and referral for a health issue

c) Diagnosis and advice for a health issue should either the above be not appropriate.


AKEA LIFE will work alongside our member’s NHS GP and complement their service as required. We can update your GP with any information deemed necessary for the safety of patients and the public. Our patients will remain registered with their NHS GP throughout the duration of their membership. We don’t always seek access to your previous medical records but we do encourage you to let us know any important health issues that you feel will help us manage your care more effectively, we also may deem it necessary to contact your NHS GP in relation to requests for certain medicines including controlled drugs and drugs of an addictive nature. For more information on this please ask a member of the AKEA team info@akealife.co.uk


There is no limit on the number of home visits our full members receive. Doctors will decide the best course of action to help our patients when a call is logged with our team. We do not limit the number of times we will visit you or the number of times you can call us, however we do encourage a fair and appropriate use of the service. Our area will grow over time and hopefully we will have near national coverage in the future allowing members registered in one part of the UK to be seen by a doctor in another part of the UK. For full details of our area please ask one of our team for a map or postcode list. We do reserve the right to cancel the membership of any patient or patients we feel are not using the AKEA LIFE team appropriately.


All Patients (or representatives of patients where appropriate) can make a complaint about our service either verbally or in writing. Ideally complaints should be in a written format and be addressed to info@akealife.co.uk , all complaints will be logged and acknowledged in writing within 3 days. BMP Medical LTD T/A AKEA LIFE will aim to resolve all complaints in writing within 14 working days. Full details of our complaints policy and procedure can be requested by emailing info@akealife.co.uk


AKEA LIFE registered patients are required to pay monthly in advance by direct debit. Full details of our membership fees are available in our membership page on our website. Our service will commence when we are in possession of the payment and applicants order form or clients declare that they have made arrangements to pay directly with their bank. Included in the monthly fee is unrestricted access to our services, whether telephone consultations or home visits. We do not charge for the writing of private prescriptions or referral letters. Additional fees WILL be incurred for privately dispensed medicine conducted laboratory tests, diagnostic tests or medical examinations for insurance purposes. A full list of prices can be found on our website. All clients will be informed of any additional costs before undertaking these services. Non-payment can result in AKEA not delivering our services as required. Payments for one-off visits must be made in advance of the visit taking place.


Our service can refer you to other private providers and even make the bookings for you. We can also write referrals letters for your private healthcare insurance. Most providers will accept this, however AKEA Life cannot guarantee your private insurance company will accept our referral. We will however do everything we can to ensure they do. AKEA Life cannot refer you directly on to an NHS service. As a non NHS provider we cannot access the choose and book system. However should you want or need to have further treatment on the NHS we can and will contact your GP surgery an ensure as best we can that they refer you based on our consultation.


AKEA LIFE is registered with the Care Quality Commission and complies with nationally agreed standards of care. AKEA LIFE complies with the principles and values on which good practice is founded, as laid down by the General Medical Council. Our doctors are fully registered with the General Medical Council and hold a valid licence to practice. AKEA LIFE doctors are subject to regular appraisal and adhere to the process of continuing medical education and revalidation as set out by the General Medical Council.


All of our doctors hold appropriate valid medical malpractice indemnity. AKEA LIFE also holds medical malpractice and holds public liability insurance, and further details are available on request. All of our third part providers will also be required to carry indemnity.


BMP MEDICAL LTD T/A AKEA LIFE is registered with the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) and adheres to the requirements of the Data Protection Act 1998 and the data protection principles in relation to personal data. By becoming a member you agree to the processing of personal data to enable us to carry out work on your behalf. This includes the transfer if relevant medical information to third party providers who we use from time to time to help deliver the best healthcare to our patients. We will not disclose personal data to any other third party without member’s express consent, unless in a medical emergency where it may be deemed in the member’s best interest. In such cases, we stringently adhere to published General Medical Council guidance on the use of personal data. Under the Data Protection Act 1998, all members have the right to request details of their personal data held by us; a fee may be chargeable. All clinical records are fully encrypted and stored on secure servers conforming to or exceeding current NHS requirements for data storage.